Thursday, 10 November 2016

How Electro-Voice Speakers are best for Gym in India - Matrix Integrations

If you are building your own gym for a business, Matrix Integrations can help you make your shopping process easier. Your gym needs speakers placed throughout your building or outdoor spaces, so everyone can hear music and announcements. Here are the complete details of why Electro-voice speakers count as the top choice to put in gym!  To select the best speakers for gym, Read this article and share your reviews.

Electro-Voice speakers provide advanced level of intelligibility and outstanding audio reproduction. Electro-Voice sound quality, stability and appearance give an advantage over the competitors. The speaker’s prices are reasonable compared to the loudspeakers of other brands with same specification and it is very user-friendly. Following list of speakers are the best to put in your gym.

ZLX12P Powered Speaker
The lightweight, light-weight ZLX 12P was developed to provide you power and efficiency beyond the opportunity of other small-format speakers, making it a best option for smaller-venue audio encouragement or stage-monitoring.

ZLX15P Powered Speaker
The ZLX 15P provides sharp, fresh peaks and limited, strong levels for bigger areas, all with enough amplifier headroom for making sure you’re observed both fully and clearly.

ELX 118P Subwoofer
ELX 118P was created to control the stage for professional songs performance. This speaker offer top-quality elements in extremely affordable options for the artists, technicians, and live-sound businesses. ELX is designed for a wide variety of convenient audio programs. These loudspeakers are less heavy than plastic containers and therefore easier to load, transport, and set up. ELX subwoofers have extended frequency range, are clean, flat, and hot, making songs of all kinds audio its best.

EVID 6.2 surface-mount loudspeaker
EVID loudspeakers provide best class characteristics and stunning high fidelity including performance and sports venues, conference and meeting rooms, retail environments, bars and restaurants. EVID loudspeakers are beautiful in looks having innovative designs that enhance sound of room and its looks also. EVID is the superior solution to today's installation needs with high power and high performance.

If you are choosing Electro-Voice speakers for your gym, this is the best decision you ever made. Electro-Voice has a number of dealers in India. Matrix Integrations Company is one of them providing high level pro audio, video and lighting solutions with integration service. Matrix Integrations provide very good customer support and sales service. Matrix Integrations recently installed Electro-Voice speakers at NEO Fitness Gym in India. Electro-Voice also provides five-star sound system in Rockstar Gym and OKC High School Gym.